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In my practice, I work with a patient's digestive system as the first line of defense.  Through dietary changes and supplement support, inflammation can be reduced and healing can occur.

Those with weight loss issues often have difficulty with microbial overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract which once brought into balance can enhance the body's ability to lose weight.  

Functional medicine looks again at root causes not just symptoms presented by the patient.  

For example, allergies can be a symptom of a compromised gastrointestinal tract.  While refraining from offending foods will help reduce inflammation, it is important to also supply nutrients that help the healing of the gastrointestinal tract.   

Equally important is stress.  Stress affects our nervous system and has a major affect on the GI tract   The gastrointestinal known as the enteric brain as all that we feel and think has an effect through the nervous system on our gastrointestinal tract.  The enteric nervous system is embedded in the lining of the gastrointestinal system and transmits signals between the brain and the gut. Thus in some cases,  I may also want to support the nervous system and/or immune system to enhance healing in the GI Tract.


The degradation of the gastrointestinal environment is one of the primary points at which health is lost.

It is now known that some toxins associated with GI dysfunction are frequently absorbed and distributed to other parts of the body.  This places a burden on the liver and the immune systems.  Each of us has sensitivities and vulnerabilities in our bodies and these toxins affect us in different ways.  For example, if the sensitive system is the lungs, toxins that originate in the gut and circulate in the bloodstream may manifest themselves as asthma or allergies.

80% of all our protective immunoglobulins are produced in the digestive tract.  Therefore, health truly begins in the digestive system.


Functional medicine practitioners believe that most degenerative diseases have their origin in the malfunction of the digestive and liver detoxification processes.  Therefore, if we address the health of the digestive and liver detoxification systems, the body is given the opportunity to reverse almost all degenerative conditions.


Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine
Requires Detective Work.  

In some cases it is helpful to use alternative functional medicine testing.  


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