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Carol has been incredibly helpful to me over the past six years.  Each time she evaluates my current eating habits and health issues to design a customized program consisting of diet/ food recommendations and supplements that works well for me and leads me towards better health. Interestingly, her advice changes over time as my body needs change.  She has helped me heal a leaky gut, resolve hidden food allergies, and rid myself of yeast sensitivities.  She has also given me dietary advice for my two children as well.  Carol takes a holistic approach that addresses what is going on with me physically as well as emotionally.  She is also an incredibly warm and knowledgeable person.  I recommend her for anyone looking for some guidance in maximizing their health and well-being.”    Carolyn, 41
Before I was introduced to Carol Patti, I was suffering with severe ulcerative colitis. My gastroenterologist was having tremendous difficulty helping me get it under control. We tried several different medications, but nothing seemed to work. I was miserable, frustrated, and desperate.  A friend of mine heard about my situation, and told me that she suffered from similar symptoms, but was greatly helped by her nutritionist. At this point, I was not a believer in alternative medicines, but was willing to try anything in the hopes of finding relief.

I contacted Carol. She was warm, friendly, asked me some questions, and listened attentively. Carol asked me to keep a food journal, answer a questionnaire, provide a medical history, and send her the results of recent bloodwork. At the same time, she thoughtfully sent me some articles to read on my ailment and recommended a few books. After reviewing the information I sent her, Carol recommended a course of action that included a specific diet and some supplements. I followed her advice religiously, and within a few months I was feeling dramatically better. I have been completely symptom free for years now, and after a recent colonoscopy, my gastroenterologist said the colitis seems to be in complete remission.  I once heard that doctors only receive about 4 hours of training in medical school on the subject of nutrition, so it’s no surprise that they rarely bring up the subject.  But one thing I know is for certain... I am and will forever be grateful to Carol Patti for her expertise, compassion, and advice. “     Steve, 56

        “When I first met Carol, I was a mess.  I had horrible acid reflux, constant bloating, constipation, high anxiety, and was prone to panic attacks.  The women in my family are attuned to natural and holistic alternatives but they live in Wisconsin: I needed help here in Brooklyn.  Enter Carol, who has been a huge support system to me for the past two years.

After an initial live blood test Carol put me on a cleanse for Candida: eliminating wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, and yeast from my diet and putting me on several herbs to help restore my over taxed body, mind & spirit.   It’s an on-going journey and Carol has given me great tools to work with such as herbs, supplements, change in diet, Flower Essences, creating Vision Boards for my goals, etc.  If she suggests a direction for healing that doesn’t resonate with me she listens to my gut and we try a different approach: I greatly appreciate that I feel heard.  

I have healed in so many ways: I don’t have acid reflux anymore nor do I experience the degree of bloating & constipation that I had (and I lost 10 pounds as a nice side benefit).  I can handle daily challenges without being crippled with anxiety, and in fact I’ve mostly forgotten how bad it used to be:  it feels so great to say that.  With Carol’s calm, caring, nurturing personality and her knowledge & experience in holistic health, I feel like myself again – a fun, happy, strong, and healthy person! “                  Sophia