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Clinical Nutrition
Life Coaching

As a nutritionist, I have coached my patients for almost 20 years:



In 2004, I was certified both by the Hays Research Institute in the use of their emotional competency tool - The Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI) and Star Factor Coaching as a leadership coach.


This coaching is based on the work of Dan Goleman whose best selling book "Emotional Intelligence" brought a new concept to human resource development - "the best managers are not those who know everything about what they do, but those who are the most self aware and aware of others."



I have coached with Star Factor Coaching for 6 years separate from my nutrition practice and have brought these coaching skills into my nutrition practice as well.


Since part of healing is emotional and spiritual development, many nutrition patients transition into coaching sessions to help support self awareness and lifestyle change.

Life Coaching


Star Factor Coach Facilitators use a mindful approach with a combination of emotional intelligence coaching and mentoring customized to individual needs.


For more information about Star Factor Coaching go to:

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