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In our Chiropractic Wellness Office, we also offer LIVE BLOOD CELL ANALYSIS where a spot of blood from a finger prick is placed on a slide and viewed under a microscope that is connected to a video monitor.

The blood is viewed live rather than spun and allows us to see how the white and blood red cells (by their shape, etc.) are affected by a patient's nutrient status and toxicity level.   


As a colleague of mine once summarized for me:  

"When we look at a person's health it is like looking at a house.  You can walk up to the front door and look through the front windows and get a certain view.  Then you walk to one side and look through the window for another view and then to the other side of the house to get a third view.  Finally you walk to the back of the house and look in and get yet another view.   Each view gives a slightly different perspective of the house ... all the views together give a picture of how that house looks from the inside."


Functional medicine requires detective work.  In some cases it is helpful to use alternative functional medicine testing.  These tests can be urine, saliva or blood tests that give information as to how the different

metabolic pathways are functioning.  These are additional tools that can aid in complicated cases and which I use as needed.


Functional Medicine Testing

I use alternative functional medicine testing from several companies.  

Click for more information on each: