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Dr. Edward Bach was an English physician who lived in the early 1900's.  He discovered that by taking local flowers and placing them in water and then in the sun that the energy and healing properties of the flowers diffused into the water.  He began treating himself and then his patients with these flower essences.  He found that certain essences healed certain physical conditions and than later correlated certain physical conditions to different emotional states.  

These essences became known as the BACH FLOWER REMEDIES.  There are 38 remedies and one composite remedy known as RESCUE REMEDY which consists of 4 different flowers.

The Bach Flower Remedies System is often referred to as "healing by restoring harmony in awareness."  They do not operate via the physical body but at more subtle levels directly influencing the energy system and correcting emotional imbalances.  


Dr. Bach believed that the holistic approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of the perfect Unity of all things, and the utter Uniqueness of every system contained within it.  he claimed that each of us is on a unique and unrepeatable journey through life, and our state of health at any time serves as an indicator of the point we have reached on this journey.


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